Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why do I need a "spiritual" blogspace?

1. The "hidden" layers of our existence are a major part of my life. However, I still feel that in the modern society they are still not taken seriously by the wide audience. Therefore, I feel that I cannot talk about them seriously, or unless I treat them as a "side effect" of the "normal" existence.
2. I have lovely lovely Internet friends who are also very accepting, supporting and encouraging and some of them are even interested in the psychological/spiritual. But: (a) not all of them, (b) none of them are interested in these topics at the same level that I am and (c) our base of knowledge is not the same. Therefore, if I choose to write about aspects integration, for example, they will not know what I'm talking about. At best, I will be telling them something new.
3. When I read books about multi dimentional experiences of others, many times I, involuntarily, have a feeling that moving energy is a snap. It is not. It is daily routine which requires persistence, dedication and learning. However, thsi daily experience is usually not reflected in the spiritual materials, which concentrate on the end result.

So what I'm now ready for is a space, where people with the same orientation as I am can safely share about our daily experiences from the multi-dimentional point of view. We do not have to try and be "important". We can simply share what's going on in our world, encourage each other, learn that there is nothing wrong with us and - share some fun.

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