Monday, March 23, 2009

Current astrological map

Right now I am at the beginning of Pluto transit to my Jupiter. To be sprecific, transiting Pluto, 3rd house, Capricorn trine natal Jupiter, 11th house, Virgo. Since my Jupiter is also conjunct my North Node and sextile Venus, these points will already be activated as well. I was very excited because Jupiter represents expansion, far travels, further education and achievement of one's goals, however, till I was reminded today, I totally forgot that Jupiter also stands for one's phylosophical, social and humanitarian views. 11th house, besides ruling one's goals and ideals also rules one's circle of friends, work in groups and one's ideals. So this is the area that is going to be transformed in the next two years - this transit will last till the end of 2010 for me. In addition, Jupiter rules my 3rd house - thought process, communication. It is interesting that this area in my chart underwent so much transformation: Pluto was there for the last 8-9 years probably, my Neptune is there - and my conscious spiritual awakening began when Pluto went into conjunction with it - and now Pluto is affecting the planet that rules this house. 
It occurs to me now how many of the elements in my chart are tied to the mind in this way or least at the place where I live now. Jupiter - rules my 3rd house, Neptune - in the 3rd house, rules the 5th - self expression. Mercury - 2nd house (money, values), opposes Chiron, squares Mars - 10th/11th house AND trines 10th house - career. 12th/9th houses - ruled by Mercury, and 12th house is where my Saturn is, which rules my 4th house - home, psychological security. The first advice that I received from a Vedic astrologer I wrote many years earlier is that I have to transform the way I think...I know that Vedic astrology =/= Western astrology, but it's still the same chart...:D 
It is also interesting that communication for me is a challenging area. While I love love love learning and process information and see myself as an eternal student, it is hard for me to communicate my ideas out. It is not easy for me to write, and an oral communication is challenging as well. I very much prefer to communicate by writing. Although writing for a purpose is also challenging. I've never tried teaching sofar, although I noticed that when I try to coach someone or to explain them the principles of how something works I do it very well. I also discovered that I DO enjoy lecturing very much...I've always wanted to communicate the "higher truths" to others or even write a book...something "out of this world", something "perspective opening", sci-fi-ish. There has not been a potantial for this yet, but I do see myself as doing new things with time. 
I do hope that the transformation of the pronciple of expansion will be expansive for me...I do want to go to new places whether it'll be literally or in consciousness only. I do want to get a hold on my PhD and I do want MORE of life. I wonder if I can channel too...but I'm afraid I'd be channeling some lord of darkness...and this thought makes me very amused.
My natal Jupiter is also aspected by Venus and the North Node and the Pluto transit is already touching these energies as well. In the future it would make specific aspects with these points, right before entering my 4th house...if I stay in the same place that is.

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