Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since I fail at working today I might as well report that I was GOBAVed!

With much subtlety and elegance, but I was. I can't even say it was Kuthumi - I have the channeling - I kinda think it was me, or me+Kuthumi because I did definitely feel that things shifted ever since I contemplated this channeling. I don't know, it is so interesting, I can clearly see now the frames of my victim mode which I couldn't before.
Sir Kuthumi actually did something new - according to the channeler. He stated that we - the channeler, him and I - know each other from a past life so it's no accident that we had this meeting. After pondering some time about this piece of info and wondering about its relevancy to the message, I suddenly realized that in one case when I asked to tell me the past life "story" that connects me to certain people, I was "denied" it, but yet it's a third time already that my past life is mentioned without me asking for it. The first two times mentioned Atlantis, and the first time I was even so "rude" that I asked whether Atlantis was the only inhabitable place on Earth at that time since everybody and their wife seemed to live there :D As a side note - with the option that I'm overthinking it - now I'm surprised at my own reaction, because I'm quite curious about any piece of info regarding my other-than-present deeds, even if I did something "bad". Therefore, I now wonder whether I just don't WANT to hear about Atlantis. Especially when my reaction towards Kuthumi's info was "yeah, sounds plausible :D". And now that I think of it, Tobias was mentioned to know me as well...   I didn't take it seriously though. But I remember now reading a New Age book of a Russian author, who was very very excited seeing Kuthumi (so she claims :D) in a meditation. He touched her 3rd eye area. So she was touched by Kuthumi ("Touched by an angel", yes? :D) So I was like: hm, I know important But ... I kinda can't connect to this style of thinking...maybe it's Kuthumi thing, but what was really nice to me is that he said that in this lifetime in which we knew each other we liked to laugh together (on a platonic basis, so it seems :D), as also with his current channeler. That we were friends. And I just thought that it would be nice that the reason that I'm attracted to Shaumbra is because I recognize my long time friends. And even: maybe Kuthumi decided to share this piece of info just because he recognized a friend. Which reminded me that the second time Atlantis was mentioned was in context of my angel group saying that some of them actually were with me there. So...I was like, wow, I have so many friends?....that love me?
This might seem stupid, but in my 3D life I don't have many friends, and I'm quite a solitary person, so I get quite surprised every time I discover that people actually like me or that I know someone from milti-D realms. And that's the GOBAVish thing that I was talking about :D That's (another) the place where my mental frames fire up. I am very used used to thinking that I'm (1) unlikeable and (2) not that important because I posess the undesireable features xyz and lack the desireable features abc. And I refused to let go of this mindset, until my latest interaction with the ex-Indian-Shah-who-built-the-Taj-Mahal when I thought "wow, I'm...more than I consider myself to be..." yeah... I still have to breathe on that.

And I really need to find out now who was this soul that was Kuthumi's wife in his "Taj Mahal" lifetime! The magnificent mausoleum was erected, after all, in her honor!

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